“Chai is a slow food. Take time to prepare it well. Savour it. Let your mind rest while you drink it. And, of course, start with the perfect concentrate- one that is brewed with a healthy respect for tradition, purity,balance, patience and focus.” (The Chai Company 2008)

What is Chai?

There are 4 basic components in a masala chai.

1.  Tea- Strong black tea-( Assam) so that spices do not overpower it.
2. Sweetener-  raw sugar-.This brings out the flavors of the spices.
3. Milk- Whole milk- 1/4 to 1/2 parts of milk mixed with water and heated close to boiling temperature.
4.  Spice- warm spices- cardamom, ginger, cloves, peppercorn, cinnamon. You can also put nutmeg, cocoa, vanilla , saffron. However in a traditional chai, cardamom is the dominant note and having ginger or black pepper gives the chai a slightly spicy flavor.

Chai spice are widely used in Ayurveda. The balance of spices has been shown to improve circulation, along with anti-bacterial, anti- inflammatory and digestive properties.

Traditionally brewed in big, steaming pots and served anywhere people gather, for many chai is more than a drink, it is a way of life life. Savoring a cup of chai is good for the mind , body and soul.



Tea Rituals for gracefully transitioning during early Autumn and the beginning  Vata season.


  • “Calm and Balance” is the Autumn Tea mantra.
  • Prana, chi and air element are all in the air during this season and with it brings qualities of dry, windy, cool, erratic and spaciness.Some suggested recommendations for a smooth transition into early fall are:
  •  Harvest tulsi or holy basil and add it to morning tea rituals. Tulsi has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for strengthening the nerve tissues, increasing memory and overall clarity to the mind.
  • start using a few warming spices like cardamon and cinnamon which are great for digestion as well as calming the nerves. Both these spices help in the absorption of plant medicines.
  • Lastly a little licorice with ginger and turmeric  every second or third day will create a gentle cleansing, circulating  as well as nourishing  preparation effect for the mind and  body.

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